2 August 2023
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Framing Your Triumphs: Explore this Method to Display Your Racing Bibs

When you cross the finish line, breathe a sigh of relief as you collect your racing bib, you might consider, "What on earth am I supposed to do with this?" You're in good company, because I've thought the same thing after participating in various marathons and bike races. This once utilitarian piece of race gear has now transformed into a symbol of your achievement, your determination, and your invincible spirit. So what's the protocol? Toss it in a box with all the other forgotten relics of races past? I think not! Framing your racing bibs is an excellent way to pay homage to your sporting achievements.

Apart from this being a fantastic way to preserve these tokens of your dedication, framing gives you the artistic liberty to create a design that matches your personal style or interior decor. You could go for sleek black frames for a more professional look, or fun colors for a vibrant touch. Oscar, my sweet Bengal cat, seems to appreciate staring at the 'wall of honor' (as I like to call it) even more than I do. I like to think he’s admiring the framing skills and not plotting his next audacious jump of the century.

On the Geographical Route: Creating a Racing Bib Map

Now, sit back and let your imagination run X-Games skateboarding wild. What if you could look at your wall and instantly remember the topography of the Milan marathon or the typography of the Boston Marathon's trail? Well, you can! By creating a racing bib map, you'll transform your racing bibs into a visually enticing road map of your sporting journey. A tip, using a corkboard as your base, you could pin your bibs in line with the geographical location of each race you participated in. Now, not only do you have a spectacle of colorful bibs, but a reminder of the places you’ve visited. Truly a sight to behold!

The beauty of this method lies in its flexibility. It allows for additional elements to be included like race medals, photos, or just about anything that helps enhance your memory of each race. Personally, I added a pocket-sized photo of Oscar (my eternal housemate!) to each race location, marking the adventures we both went through (such as him trying to eat my pre-race pasta).

Transform Them Into a Quirky Quilt: Taking Handicrafts to a Whole New Level

Grab your scissors, needle, and thread and get ready to explore the textile world of quilts! Unleash your inner 'Martha Stewart' and transform those racing bibs into a quilt. An excellent crafting project, a quilt can be functional and a nostalgic walk down memory lane every time you wrap up in it. If you're a novice to the sewing world, don't fret! A simple patchwork quilt would be an excellent place to start.

Each bib serving as an individual patch, your quilt will tackle a unique storytelling ability. As you snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate and your favorite book, you’ll be enveloped in an environment of accomplishment. Allow me to admit that the idea was, subtly, stolen from my grandmother. She had a knack for knitting woolen blankets and, one day while wrapped in one, it hit me – racing bib quilt! And no, Oscar does not get to play with the threads.

Glam Up Your Dining Space: Racing Bib Placemats

Why not wear your accomplishments during meal times? Turning your bibs into placemats will certainly make for interesting conversation starters at your dinner parties. Simply pick your favorite bibs, laminate them, and voila, you have custom-made placemats screaming of an adrenaline-filled past. You could go for a mix and match approach or choose bibs with similar colors for a more uniform look.

Not just serving as a protective layer for your dining tables, these placemats will serve as tale-telling adornments that bear the testament of your strength and accomplishments. A spaghetti dinner will never be the same again. Just be cautious around any red pasta sauce. Oscar will confirm, cleaning stains off laminate can become your floor routine in the clean-up Olympics!

Running Bib Coffee Table: A Unique Spin on Furniture

Every living room is incomplete without a coffee table - and a coffee table could definitely be more complete with running bibs! Embed your bibs into your coffee table surface for a unique piece of furniture that will always keep your achievements in conversation. Pitfalls of this method: It may be a monumental distraction whenever you’re trying to pass the remote control or the bowl of popcorn during a film.

Trust me, investing in some good quality glass that allows the color and details to pop from the bibs will make all the additional effort worthwhile. Remember, the coffee table takes on a unique story-telling ability, facilitating dialogues about the miles you've run, the podiums you've conquered, and the limits you've shattered. Not to forget, it perfectly complements Oscar's penchant for lounging aesthetically!

Refrigerator Art Has a New Challenger: Magnets of Achievement

Show me one fridge that's never sported a piece of art, a photo, or a souvenir magnet and I'll find you a sunburnt penguin in Adelaide! Giving your racing bibs the magnetic touch is an exciting, novel way to repurpose them into useful pieces of refrigerator art. Simply cut out desired sections, stick them onto magnets, and there you have it - a testament of your athleticism has now taken over the kitchen!

Honestly, a refrigerator crammed with magnets of achievement gives a feeling of exaltation each time you grab a cold drink. Also, it can be a stealthy way to inspire the younger ones in the family to take up running. Extra refrigerator tip: Keep at a Bengal cat tail’s length to avoid sudden surprises during a midnight snack hunt. Or, you might wake up to a randomly redesigned collection. Oscar is always ready to assist with unwanted interior décor advice.

Racing Bib Tote Bags: Wear Your Achievements

Take a walk in the park or a trip to the grocery store sporting your running bib tote bag. Durable and fashionable, these repurposed bags can make for an eco-friendly alternative to the routine plastic bags. Sew your running bibs onto existing totes or take up a DIY project to create your own bag entirely. Whichever way, you're sure to make a bold statement.

The feel of being able to carry (quite literally!) your achievements with you everywhere lends a strangely satisfying sense of accomplishment. Plus, who doesn't want a one-of-a-kind tote bag that could possibly spark conversations with a fellow runner in the cereal aisle? Oscar, in his support of the environment, has a mini tote bag of his own. Seeing him strut with his bag, filled with cheekily stolen catnip, is a sight worth more than any race adrenaline rush!

Creating a Personal Scrapbook: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Alright folks, it's time to get those creative juices flowing. Just like a time capsule, a scrapbook filled with your racing bibs can encapsulate the essence of your running experiences beautifully. Accompany your bibs with pictures, medals, written memories, or even the odd candy-wrapper you picked off the road during your race! Your scrapbook will serve as a tangible diary of your running journeys.

A personal favorite, I often spend lazy Sundays flipping through the pages, reminiscing the countless pre-race jitters, the adrenaline rushes at the starting line, and the sheer joy of crossing the finish line. Plus, it works as an initiation book for my potential race competitors, casual friends, and occasional family. Oscar keeps a safe distance from the scrapbook though, after a rather “unfortunate” glue incident. Since then, he’s had a valid reason to fear sticky substances.

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